Welcome to ECOMPASS247.com we are an emergency dispatch and business support center based out of Rochester,  Minnesota, servicing clients from start-up to Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years.

Established in 1987, we began as a small answering service that offered messaging, paging, and faxing of incoming call information. As technology changes, we find our business is more valuable than ever to both our established clients and our growing list of new clients. We find there is more services than there has ever been to offer from answering incoming calls, to emergency dispatching, business support, and through our sister stores in publishing, and networking.

ECompass247 is locally-owned. We're a family business that offers office support, backup office, CRM and office software, dispatching through radio, phone, messaging, and our Local Reach™dispatching. Our clients who need expertise in call handling, call distribution, and emergency call handling know us for our work, and rely on our decades of experience answering for our clients': fire, police, sheriff, accidents, outages, gas leaks and emergency life-threatening calls.

Ecompass247 is based out of Rochester, Minnesota. ECompass247 is a bricks and mortar office housed within Lisa's publishing house and bookstore. Ecompass247 handles the calls, order taking, order fulfillment  for Lisa's design, photos, bookstores, galleries, and her other brands.

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